Android Applications for Visually Impaired

Android is the boon for those who cannot see. It is a great gift by the technology to visually handicapped/impaired people. It has applications that help blind people with functioning. Android application development has advanced these days. With a number of interesting applications being introduced in the market, the platform has made its name in the Smartphone market. Some of the wonderful Android applications for visually impaired persons are:                                             


  • Talk BackThis app is the part of the Google’s Android Accessibility. It is developed to help dim-sighted people to use cell phones easily. The app also reads out the text aloud. If you want to enable this app, go to settings, accessibility and enable Talkback service.
  • MagnifyThis application is developed to help visually impaired to read the fine prints. To get the best result, keep the phone at least four inches away from the material to be read. The app supports several interesting features like long press to turn lights on and off, single tap to maintain focus and others.
  • Walky TalkyThis application is designed for Android phone to assist near-blind or blind people in walking. The app has navigation that helps people walk through the streets. It uses compass to show correct direction. If users are going in the wrong direction it automatically vibrates.
  • Ultra Magnifier+This application helps users get a better vision of anything on your phone. For best result, place the device 10cm away from the object. Users can also change the scenes of objects and also select form like Sepia, Aqua, negative color and others.


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