5 Free Twitter Apps for Android

Twitter has introduced a new and interesting way of social communication and networking. The microblogging site, Twitter allows you to share your thoughts and views and follow those similar to you. Today, celebrity, journalists, news channel or any prominent personality knows the power of this medium and how to use this social tool to urge discussion on budding issues and get results. Android app development has even transformed Twitter from being a mere social networking tool to a macro platform. The Twitter apps of today have allowed users to not access the site, but also use several interesting features to simplify the usage. If you are an Android user looking for a simple, free and interesting twitter application, check out the below list:


  • Twicca – It is one of the simplest and interesting Twitter apps for Android. It is easy to use and gives a sophisticated look with its uniquely designed interface. This app has features like geotagging, twitpic video preview, launch from status bar and others.
  • TweetdeckIt is one of the popular social media management apps that support almost every operating system and platforms. The app allows easy installation and use-friendly. The only hiccup in the app is a slightly confusing navigation.
  • HootSuiteIt is a good app for those looking for a convenient way to manage social media platforms. This app is popular for its cool and dynamic interface.
  • UbersocialIt is an app full of features. It is simple and easy to use. This app has one interesting feature known as ‘Inner Circle’ that ensure you don’t miss any tweet.
  • BoidThe design of this app is simple and you won’t find a several options to select from. The app is fast and slick


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