Top 3 Android Apps to astound your little ones!

A lot of parents these days use Android phone, and their kids use their phone more often to play games. While every kid is unique, they like playing games of Smartphone more than a video game or remote game.

The android application development market is loaded with a number of apps. The list is so huge that finding an app for you can be tedious and frustrating.         In each segment you will find several apps. For instance, in the educational section alone there are over 3,000 apps.

Take a look at the top 3 Android apps your kids will love!

  • Homework Homework is a boring and irritating word for every child, but this app will make it interesting. It is no fun app, but still your kids will love to use it. It is a helpful app that is aimed at older children to assist them in finishing their homework quickly and interactively. Using this free, a student can set reminders, schedule homework and lessons, plan revision and manage work effectively
  • Ant Smasher – It is a free app for your kids. This app is also good for adults. Smash the ant with your finger, don’t smash bees, and don’t kill them. Doing this isn’t easy; accepting the challenge and play with your mind. This app is dedicated to the kids above four years of age. 
  • iStory Books – As the name suggests, this is an online story book for your kids. This book includes voice-over and pictures. This app is in alternative languages. The app is indeed a good entertainment for kids.


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