Top 5 iPhone Applications for Your Baby

ImageThe high-tech world is advancing at a faster pace, and kids are the one who is speedily adapting these advancements. We all know kids love talking on the phone, but there is a little change in this technologically advanced world. Today, you cannot fool your baby with a toy-phone in the name of a real cell phone. Even your 15-20 months old baby understands the difference between a real and a toy phone.

Today, books or nursery cannot train a kid completely for the future. In this technologically advanced arena, you need a high-speed technology or device that breaks the traditional education rules and feed kid’s mind in a modern and interesting style. IPhone apps are the creative and unique way to educate and prepare your kids for the future.

IPhone application development teams are giving their best in developing educational cum fun apps for toddlers or kids below 5 years of age. Some of the popular apps for your kids are:

  • Tappy Tunes – This app features more than 80-popular melodies. One tap on the iPhone screen by your baby will start playing music. This is a great app to develop awareness of rhythm in your baby.
  • Art Studio – iPhone app development  team across the world have been developing advanced drawing and coloring apps for kids and the one among them is Art Studio. This app isn’t free, but best among all to enhance the artistic talent/side of your kid.
  • Math Balloon – Math is the subject kids are most scared and disgust of. But, the Math Balloon app is a good option to make this dreadful subject very interesting. This is a great app to encourage your kids calculate faster and better.
  • Letter Writers Ocean – There are better ways to learn ABCD other than the traditional style. This aquatic-themed app features following comprises of exercises and matching words for all letters of the alphabet. This is a great app to make your kids learn ABCD faster.
  • Preschool Adventure – This app is good for young kids, and has a number of basic interactive and educational games for them. There are also games to learn the sound of different animals, which is also an important part of a child’s early education.

These iPhone apps are meant to educate your kid and provide them general awareness and education, which isn’t the job of a teacher only. It is a great way to make them learn while they enjoy the app.



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