Measure your Pulse Rate at a Tap

      Technology is advancing everyday. With the birth of the iPhone and development of its innovative applications, you can take care of your basic health needs sitting on your couch. The IPhone application development  arena has advanced leaps and bounds. Today, you have an app for everything from health, education, and travel to business.


                If you want to measure your pulse rate, a couple of taps can give you the exact status. All you need is an iPhone! How to get your pulse rate measured using an iPhone? Of course, with its apps! Take a look:

  • Press the home button on your handset and go to the home page
  • Tap “App Store” option to launch App Store
  • After you do this, immediately press or tap on “search”
  • Tap the search box, and type “heart rate” in the box and click on search for it to show the relevant results
  • Select one of the most popular apps. The search result will display several apps including both free and paid ones
  • Tap the app icons to launch it
  • Place your finger over the iPhone’s camera and flash LED
  • Tap the button, and it will start the measurement process
  • Don’t move, remain still until the process completes.

After you are done, the display of your phone will show the exact pulse rate. iPhone app development has advanced in the recent time. Take the advantage of this technology and lead a healthy life.

Note: Pulse measurement apps are generally not 100% accurate, so don’t rely on it completely.


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