Tips to Sell an iPhone Application

Intelgain Technologies

Developing an iPhone application means huge returns on a relatively little investment. No matter how futuristic and progressive your app is, it is difficult to get recognition in the app market as the iPhone market has become rigorously competitive. The market is large, but developers have touched every arena and topic of development. The most successful app makes good money; while a less popular application makes a little money (sometimes not even the development charges are incurred).

Selling your application amid so many already successful apps is really a tough job. Here are a few instructions on selling your application in the market: 

  • Buy a domain that is unique, which should be close to the name of your application. Build a website of your own and upload your application for sale over it. Make sure you include the app description, image, screenshots and other USPs to attract customers.
  • Invest in Google AdWords or Facebook Ad or PPC campaign to get targeted customers attracted towards your product. These advertisements will showcase your product to a very specific audience for a stipulated time and within a fixed amount.
  • Get reviews for your application from reputed sites. Even one review of the most reputed application review site is enough to increase sales and earn a good amount. With this one can become one of the successful app developers in the market.

iPhone application development is a lucrative business if done properly. Invest, develop and market your product carefully, without risking your hard earned money. 


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