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How To Develop your child’s brain through iPhone Applications

How To Develop your child’s brain through iPhone Applications

researches show that kids learn quickly from interactive-mediums like iPhone, i Pad, and computers. These devices use innovative and-enticing ways like colorful images and engaging user-interface – to attract kids and make them learn school lessons, which otherwise is boring.


Tips to Sell an iPhone Application

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Developing an iPhone application means huge returns on a relatively little investment. No matter how futuristic and progressive your app is, it is difficult to get recognition in the app market as the iPhone market has become rigorously competitive. The market is large, but developers have touched every arena and topic of development. The most successful app makes good money; while a less popular application makes a little money (sometimes not even the development charges are incurred).

Selling your application amid so many already successful apps is really a tough job. Here are a few instructions on selling your application in the market: 

  • Buy a domain that is unique, which should be close to the name of your application. Build a website of your own and upload your application for sale over it. Make sure you include the app description, image, screenshots and other USPs to attract customers.
  • Invest in Google AdWords or Facebook Ad or PPC campaign to get targeted customers attracted towards your product. These advertisements will showcase your product to a very specific audience for a stipulated time and within a fixed amount.
  • Get reviews for your application from reputed sites. Even one review of the most reputed application review site is enough to increase sales and earn a good amount. With this one can become one of the successful app developers in the market.

iPhone application development is a lucrative business if done properly. Invest, develop and market your product carefully, without risking your hard earned money. 

iPhone Application Development: An Insight

Today, Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. It is not only a mode of communication, but a source of fun and entertainment. With this scope iPhone has carved a niche for itself. It has emerged as a powerful and professional mobile application development platform.

iOS is one of the most advanced mobile operating system that makes possible development of next generation mobile applications. If you are planning for iPhone application development, having complete knowledge of iPhone SDK, latest developments in the arena and HTML 5 experience is important. Every developer has to abide by the terms and conditions put forth by Apple Inc, also the company closely monitors the application performance before submission.

There are certain things, which a developer should bear in the mind before starting the development process. Some of them are:

  • The application should be simple
  • It should be search engine friendly
  • User should be first; their needs and preference should be stressed on
  • Regular necessary updates in the application are a must
  • The application should be cost-effective
  • It should be user-friendly, not complicated.

 What makes iPhone apps popular?

The user-friendly nature of the applications is the reason behind the massive popularity of the applications and the platform in the recent past. Apple Inc. is putting in tremendous efforts to reach a larger audience.

The popularity of the platform hints developers to enter this arena. It is a booming field, with loads of money, name and fame in the market.

How to reinstall an iPhone App, Once Deleted?


iPhone application development is our present. A blooming industry, investing your ideas and resource in this arena may fetch great return on investment. Most developers prefer iOS for application development due to its popularity and software development kit it provides to ease your work. If you are new in this arena, SDK is a great help. Take a look on how to develop iPhone apps using an SDK.

  • Download software development kit for iPhone application development from Apple’s website.


  • The SDK generally contains some sample work, which can be of great assistance to you. This may help you in writing your own applications.


  • Write iPhone applications for Safari web browser in Ajax and JavaScript. Safari supports third-party applications.


Post Development Stages:

Set a price for your apps. Remember, high-quality apps with comparable price generate more income. Cheap or free apps do not attract much attention due to low quality. Price your apps as per its worth.

iPhone application development is successful only if you market your developed apps properly. Prepare a summary of your apps, images and a video demo for your profile or page on iTunes App Store.

Earning money with these apps is easy. Just focus on development and marketing stage to generate revenue. Choose the right development company for development and marketing of your apps. Research on the internet for the reputed development agency or firm; do comprehensive background check of the shortlisted companies. Check for the company’s experience, the team and their skills and reputation in the market.