5 steps for iPhone Application Development


We provide professional iPhone application development service for businesses. In this competitive app world, incorporating multiple iPhone applications on your handset has become pivotal. Our professional team at Intelgain, plan, research, and employ professional development techniques, to serve you a tasty cake with innovative icing!

Developing an iPhone application is the dream of every mobile app developer. The continuous development and phenomenal growth in the mobile phone marketplace has urged many developers to use iOS and develop unique applications – apps which no one has ever thought of. Developing an iPhone application isn’t hard, but it even isn’t too easy. As a novice developer, you need to follow certain golden rules or steps to achieve the desired position in the iOS marketplace.

Today, there are iPhone apps for almost everything – for business, finance, travel, entertainment, shopping, health and education etc.

Here are the five important steps you need to follow while developing your iPhone apps:

  • Buy a Mac – It may be a costly deal, but a lucrative and one-time investment. As a developer, you have to make such costly investment if you wish to step into iPhone application development arena. You can either buy a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini to fulfill you app development desire.
  • Download and Install iPhone SDK – The iOS SDK come with several important app development tools – iPhone Simulator, XCode and a suite of additional tools for developing apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The SDK can be downloaded free of charge. Just download, install and get started with the task!


  • Buy an iPhone – It isn’t mandatory, but a good option to have the handset before you start the development process. Using app on real platform will give you an idea and understanding of how an app works.


  • Read and Grasp – Learn as many good or core books on development as you can to develop an extraordinary application. If you are planning to build iPhone app, it is important to know the jargons, and for that it is vital to read books and learn.


  • Replicate a sample app – A simplest way indeed! Rewrite a sample application replicating other apps. This will help you learn app development step-by-step. 


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