iPhone Application Development: Pros and Cons

iPhone Application Development: Pros and Cons

Professional iPhone application development service for businesses. In this competitive app world, incorporating multiple iPhone applications on your handset has become pivotal. Our professional team at Intelgain, plan, research, and employ professional development techniques, to serve you a tasty cake with innovative icing!

Apple’s most dynamic product iPhone has created history in the mobile market, with its amazing features and unique designs. Today, every business is looking forward to develop iPhone apps to market their business entirely. Additionally, the recent launch of iPhone 5 has hit all the record. Thus, many fresh faces are entering the market to develop iPhone apps for their advantage.

iPhone application development is lucrative for developers as well as users (those using for business). But there are certain negatives involved in its development, which are often ignored for personal benefits. Discussed below are a few points highlighting the positive and negative issues involved in iPhone application development.

Positives –

There are a few reasons why developers are getting into the arena to create amazing iPhone apps. Some of them are:

  • The launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 has made iPhone a sensation in the mobile market. Thus, many newbies are entering the development industry to strengthen their base, earn fame and huge ROI.
  • Today, every industry demands professional app developers. If a developer chooses to go for iPhone application development, chances are high he/she might get selected in a big firm.
  • Many developers join the iPhone app development community just for the brand name – Apple! The name is enough to earn a handful amount.

Negatives –

  • An iPhone device cannot run two applications at a time. If you are using App ‘A’ you will have to close App ‘B.’
  • Apple has a policy within, within which one isn’t allowed to run third party apps in its device.
  • These devices aren’t user-friendly in terms of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Approval after submission on iTunes is the biggest headache. The process is lengthy and tedious.

Consider these points before entering the industry.


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  1. Anele Ivanova April 10, 2013 at 5:55 am Reply


    Recently I came across some great articles on your site.
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      Hi Anelie,

      Glad to hear this from you. I really appreciate that you like my content. I will surely allow to post an article on my blog .

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