Tips to Market your iPhone Applications

Has a great iPhone application development idea in your mind? Even if you have a little coding and programming knowledge, developing an application is simple. There are software development kits by Apple available for free. However, with the millions of app already available on the iTunes App Store, you should think of making it unique. But how? Developing an iPhone is the first step and marketing that same can bring recognition and income to you. It needs an effective marketing plan to advertise your iPhone application development idea and skills.

Here are a few tips on how to market your application:

  • Create a free version – Develop a free version of your original app with fewer features and distribute it for free. Anything for free attracts larger eye balls. Therefore, users are likely to use your app and if they find it interesting they won’t mind investing in your app. This is a great marketing idea for your app.
  • Decide a budget – Set a marketing budget for your app in advance. Running an advertisement and promotional campaigns requires money, so set aside a handsome budget amount for the fantastic promotion of your app at a larger scale.
  • Ask help from App review websites – Get in touch with major app review websites and blogs, and offer promo code in return to reviews with a link to your original application on iTunes. Get feedbacks and contact reviewers and users by making needful changes.
  • Social Media – Create a stronger social media presence by organizing games, quiz and other interesting social media marketing ideas to market your app on such a huge platform. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are the best channels to do this.

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