3 Important Educational Apps for your iPhone!

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Top 3 free Educational Applications

The Apple App Store is home to over a million applications for gaming, entertainment, business, and surprisingly even education. And all these are available for free on the App Store. Are you seeking educational apps for your iPhone or iPad? Turn to Apple App Store.

Top 3 free Educational Applications

1.    iTunes U – A free educational apps, iTune U provides you access to university and school courses. These courses consist of free assignments, notes, including audio-visual guide, books, and related course materials. The app has over 500,000 free books, documents, papers, lectures on more than 1000 subjects, including Algebra and Zoology.

2.    Quick Graph – Scared with those graphic calculations and inclining images? The Quick Graph can help you get rid off your mathematics fear. It is a graphic calculator that allows students to graph multiple equations and change their colour at a time. The app provides both 2D and 3D graphing support in rectangular and polar shapes.

3.    Flashcards+ – For parents, do you remember your class teacher flashing several cards during lectures to make your best understand and memorize a particular topic? Similar to some extent is Flashcards+. The traditional flashcard is revolutionized with a digital format. Now carry your flashcard in your Smartphone, wherever you go. Carry your mini study lessons (Flashcards+) throughout the day and everywhere you go.

iPhone application development has certainly revolutionized the typical classroom environment and made it more interesting, introducing user-friendly free and interactive applications for your kids. Go online and get one for your child!


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One thought on “3 Important Educational Apps for your iPhone!

  1. Waqar Ahmad March 4, 2013 at 5:59 am Reply

    Nice Article in simple English for learner 🙂

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