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Why would one prefer iPhone for Mobile Application Development?


Professional iPhone application development service for businesses

After the launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the popularity of this device is soaring up.  The sleek and chic looks, dynamic features and smooth touch combined with its latest and advance developments, has doubled the popularity and sale of this device.

The rising demand of this device has made programmers and developers to develop hundreds and thousands of applications, making the handset eve more robust and powerful. If you are thinking of developing a mobile application and not sure which platform to prefer, go for iPhone! The reason for this selection is as followed:

  • Presently, several Smartphone brands are available in the market. But the reach and popularity of iPhone has beheaded them all, dominating the entire mobile marketplace. Approximately 6 million apps have been sold and the number is rising every day. The device provides you ample opportunities to market your application and make them available to millions of users out there.
  • Apple provides Software Development Kit for developing iPhone applications, making the development task simple and quick. The kit provides necessary tools required for iPhone application development.
  • iPhone has become an integral part of our lives. Today, users download apps for business, entertainment and fun. Surfing internet, enjoying games and doing business/dealings/trading have changed a lot with iPhone applications. In a nutshell, it has changed our way of using mobile phones.

Though there are some limitations of this device; the numerous benefits and advantages have over-shadowed the drawbacks put forth by Apple.  iPhone application development is certainly a lucrative business. 




5 steps for iPhone Application Development


We provide professional iPhone application development service for businesses. In this competitive app world, incorporating multiple iPhone applications on your handset has become pivotal. Our professional team at Intelgain, plan, research, and employ professional development techniques, to serve you a tasty cake with innovative icing!

Developing an iPhone application is the dream of every mobile app developer. The continuous development and phenomenal growth in the mobile phone marketplace has urged many developers to use iOS and develop unique applications – apps which no one has ever thought of. Developing an iPhone application isn’t hard, but it even isn’t too easy. As a novice developer, you need to follow certain golden rules or steps to achieve the desired position in the iOS marketplace.

Today, there are iPhone apps for almost everything – for business, finance, travel, entertainment, shopping, health and education etc.

Here are the five important steps you need to follow while developing your iPhone apps:

  • Buy a Mac – It may be a costly deal, but a lucrative and one-time investment. As a developer, you have to make such costly investment if you wish to step into iPhone application development arena. You can either buy a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini to fulfill you app development desire.
  • Download and Install iPhone SDK – The iOS SDK come with several important app development tools – iPhone Simulator, XCode and a suite of additional tools for developing apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The SDK can be downloaded free of charge. Just download, install and get started with the task!


  • Buy an iPhone – It isn’t mandatory, but a good option to have the handset before you start the development process. Using app on real platform will give you an idea and understanding of how an app works.


  • Read and Grasp – Learn as many good or core books on development as you can to develop an extraordinary application. If you are planning to build iPhone app, it is important to know the jargons, and for that it is vital to read books and learn.


  • Replicate a sample app – A simplest way indeed! Rewrite a sample application replicating other apps. This will help you learn app development step-by-step. 

Blog it! With Super 10 iPhone Blogging Apps

Blog it! With Super 10 iPhone Blogging Apps

Have a look at some of the amazing iPhone blogging apps for passionate bloggers:


Bloggers have this habit of blogging almost every hour, when they find something interesting or something weird happens to them. Sites like Twitter (a microblogging site) and Instagram (photo blogging) is the best way to blog your thoughts almost instantly from anywhere. But for those who choose to produce long blog, WordPress and Blogger are a great choice.

Today, iPhone application developers have come up with a number of blogging apps, which made blogging easy yet interesting. Ace blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger has come up with their own iPhone apps to enhance your blogging experience. With these apps you get the freedom to write, edit, and add pictures and videos anything anywhere. But, one single alone cannot give you all the features like capturing video or pictures, editing it while writing the blog etc. It requires a combination of 3-4 apps to manage multiple tasks at once.

Have a look at some of the amazing iPhone blogging apps for passionate bloggers:

I. For managing multiple blogs –


  • Posts – A Picodev product, Posts is one of the powerful blogging app in the market designed for iPad. The app helps you manage multiple blogs at once, allowing you to edit comment posts & images, privilege of blogging even without the internet connectivity etc. However, it is costliest of all apps.
  • Blogsy – Simple interface of Blogsy makes it interesting and quick for bloggers looking to manage multiple apps at a lesser cost. It is a simple, neat and cost-effective blogging app for your iPad.

II. For easy typing –


  • Dragon Dictation – Helps producing speech-to-text, Dragon Dictation reduces the pain of typing on the iPad or carrying a Bluetooth keyboard wherever you go. This absolutely amazing app has a powerful hearing feature, which transforms the dictated words into text.

III. For Photos and Videos –

  • Instagram – A popular photo-blogging site, Instagram allows you to create, edit and publish images you like. If you are photo-blogger, this app is for you. Download today!
  • Flickr – This app helps you capture images, edit and upload instantly. Flickr offers a quick way to upload your photo online, so that it can be accessed using Blogsy and Posts.
  • YouTube Capture – A brainchild of Google, this app allows you to capture, trim, add audio, record video, adjust color and brightness and apply other editing features to develop a complete product and add to your blog. It is a great app for those who love video-blogging.


IV. Individual Apps –

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Typepad

iPhone application development has changed (constructively) the picture and concept of blogging to a large extent.


iPhone Application Development Benefiting Student Community

iPhone Application Development Benefiting Student Community

iPhone is the sensation of the decade. What makes it the extraordinary mobile device in the mobile market? There are a several factors that determine its magic – its sleek touch, smart looks and amazing features. However, one of the most popular is its applications. iPhone app developers are well-versed in developing unique applications in various fields. Backed by the solid domain knowledge and decades of experience, developers have created apps for business, social networking sites, finance, travel, education and health. What makes this amazing development is the fact that over millions of people download it every day and continuous contribution of developers with new features and version upgrades.

The demand for iPhone application development is high these days; each day every field is looking forward to develop smart applications to enhance their business returns. These apps have made their work simple and lucrative. 

iPhone Application Development: Pros and Cons

iPhone Application Development: Pros and Cons

Professional iPhone application development service for businesses. In this competitive app world, incorporating multiple iPhone applications on your handset has become pivotal. Our professional team at Intelgain, plan, research, and employ professional development techniques, to serve you a tasty cake with innovative icing!

Apple’s most dynamic product iPhone has created history in the mobile market, with its amazing features and unique designs. Today, every business is looking forward to develop iPhone apps to market their business entirely. Additionally, the recent launch of iPhone 5 has hit all the record. Thus, many fresh faces are entering the market to develop iPhone apps for their advantage.

iPhone application development is lucrative for developers as well as users (those using for business). But there are certain negatives involved in its development, which are often ignored for personal benefits. Discussed below are a few points highlighting the positive and negative issues involved in iPhone application development.

Positives –

There are a few reasons why developers are getting into the arena to create amazing iPhone apps. Some of them are:

  • The launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 has made iPhone a sensation in the mobile market. Thus, many newbies are entering the development industry to strengthen their base, earn fame and huge ROI.
  • Today, every industry demands professional app developers. If a developer chooses to go for iPhone application development, chances are high he/she might get selected in a big firm.
  • Many developers join the iPhone app development community just for the brand name – Apple! The name is enough to earn a handful amount.

Negatives –

  • An iPhone device cannot run two applications at a time. If you are using App ‘A’ you will have to close App ‘B.’
  • Apple has a policy within, within which one isn’t allowed to run third party apps in its device.
  • These devices aren’t user-friendly in terms of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Approval after submission on iTunes is the biggest headache. The process is lengthy and tedious.

Consider these points before entering the industry.

Tips to Market your iPhone Applications

Has a great iPhone application development idea in your mind? Even if you have a little coding and programming knowledge, developing an application is simple. There are software development kits by Apple available for free. However, with the millions of app already available on the iTunes App Store, you should think of making it unique. But how? Developing an iPhone is the first step and marketing that same can bring recognition and income to you. It needs an effective marketing plan to advertise your iPhone application development idea and skills.

Here are a few tips on how to market your application:

  • Create a free version – Develop a free version of your original app with fewer features and distribute it for free. Anything for free attracts larger eye balls. Therefore, users are likely to use your app and if they find it interesting they won’t mind investing in your app. This is a great marketing idea for your app.
  • Decide a budget – Set a marketing budget for your app in advance. Running an advertisement and promotional campaigns requires money, so set aside a handsome budget amount for the fantastic promotion of your app at a larger scale.
  • Ask help from App review websites – Get in touch with major app review websites and blogs, and offer promo code in return to reviews with a link to your original application on iTunes. Get feedbacks and contact reviewers and users by making needful changes.
  • Social Media – Create a stronger social media presence by organizing games, quiz and other interesting social media marketing ideas to market your app on such a huge platform. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are the best channels to do this.

8 Simple Steps for developing iPhone Applications

8 Simple Steps for developing iPhone Applications

Developing an iPhone application isn’t as tough and as simple you think. It requires proper research, knowledge, and understating of the domain. Before anything, deciding and understanding your target audience is a crucial step. The choice and preference of target audiences play a major role in developing a successful application.: Iphone application development