Microsite: A Conversion Rrate Booster


What is Microsite?

What is Micro-site?

A Micro-site can be best defined as a small website designated as a branch of the main website, which generally focuses on a specific issue or subject (a niche website). Micro-sites act as a pivotal tool for SEO professionals, which assist them in boosting their search engine optimization efforts and conversion rate. They are utmost useful in attracting leads/customers, who are already familiar with your brand. This is the main USP of Micro-sites that you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

Difference between a Micro-site Website and Corporate Website

A Micro-site is more specific in nature. They are capable of doing and providing everything that a corporate site does and provides. Micro-sites working with an intention to provide specialized and quality information that is generally intended commercial (direct promotion). These sites focus on practicality rather than just providing an overview of starting point, which is the case with corporate websites. A micro-site has different pages dedicated to a specific product or service, thereby explaining its attributes in a more convincing tone. This makes the site content-rich and adds value to it. These sites are optimized for search engines as well as PPC campaigns. With all these, micro-sites provide a powerful opportunity to webmasters and increase the conversion rate.

Search Engine trends

Search Engine like Google demands quality. Quality content satisfies thousands and lakhs of hungry readers; micro-sites are dedicated to provide quality and informative content that is free of plagiarism and keyword stuffing. Micro-sites are the quick and easy way to produce results through quality content. This way these sites attract leads and help businesses convert them into opportunities, thereby achieving business goals.

Why are micro-sites better than corporate sites?

A corporate site is generally too big and covers several points at a time, which makes the readability difficult. The company web pages are loaded with vast content and information that isn’t to the point (sometimes even irrelevant points are stuffed in the content). This distracts readers from the website. On the contrary, micro-sites offered detailed and focused information that helps grabbing reader’s attention and keeping them engaged on your portal. The content on micro-sites is generally short and to the point. They are meant for enlightening readers and converting into loyal customers.

Micro-sites provide businesses with an opportunity to harness their attention more professionally, then applying unethical tricks to develop their interest. Increase your revenue with Micro-sites!

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One thought on “Microsite: A Conversion Rrate Booster

  1. margetporter February 28, 2013 at 11:41 am Reply

    seems like we will also needs to focus on micro site marketing as well.

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