Localizing SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization for small or mid-size companies can be challenging. Since, small businesses have to fight against big-fat companies, who due to their popularity, size, and consumer kinship enjoy larger traffic and higher search engine rankings.  Small business cannot afford to invest a huge sum in marketing, larger firms score over it. However, small businesses should devise more precise and refined marketing plans to achieve desired results against competitors.

When it comes to generic keyword SEO, it is always those big brands that dominate the search engine. A small budget makes it difficult for small organizations to compete with market titans. Despite these limitations, even a small company can enjoy higher ranking and huge website traffic. Focusing on areas of lower competition can help you achieve the desired result.

Geo-targeted search or location-based SEO is an option to get desired brand presence online. When geography or a particular location is taken into consideration, it is generally small businesses that rule the search engine. Attend customers with the need and demand for a specific product in a specific location to gain organic search visibility. The smaller the target audience and zone, higher are chances of greater search visibility. Having an offline presence in a particular location can be an added advantage for your business. Hundreds of satisfied customers are enough for both your online and offline publicity.

Geo-targeted Keyword Targeting: Ideal for small businesses

Anything targeted at a smaller group is highly effective. Similarly, you can strengthen your brand presence using Geo-targeted keywords. Geo-targeted keywords are generally low in competition and used when a consumer decides to make final purchase (after researching and comparing). Such keywords typically carry higher chances of conversion.

For instance: While inquiring about interior decorators you search for “top interior decorators in the U.S. However, when you finally decide to hire a decorator, you type “top interior decorators in Chicago.”  The interesting part here is, people make their final purchase using generic and Geo-targeted keywords. So, targeting these keywords can help you gain desired search engine result.

Additionally, building Geo-targeted content for your website is also a great way to market your service, thereby converting leads into opportunities. This may provide you an opportunity to enjoy top search engine ranking within limited budget.

Local Search:

Listing on local search engines is a great way to enjoy strong search engine presence within a limited budget. If you have a physical office, listing your business on local search engine is absolutely required, especially on popular ones like Google+, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, etc.

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