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Microsite: A Conversion Rrate Booster


What is Microsite?

What is Micro-site?

A Micro-site can be best defined as a small website designated as a branch of the main website, which generally focuses on a specific issue or subject (a niche website). Micro-sites act as a pivotal tool for SEO professionals, which assist them in boosting their search engine optimization efforts and conversion rate. They are utmost useful in attracting leads/customers, who are already familiar with your brand. This is the main USP of Micro-sites that you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

Difference between a Micro-site Website and Corporate Website

A Micro-site is more specific in nature. They are capable of doing and providing everything that a corporate site does and provides. Micro-sites working with an intention to provide specialized and quality information that is generally intended commercial (direct promotion). These sites focus on practicality rather than just providing an overview of starting point, which is the case with corporate websites. A micro-site has different pages dedicated to a specific product or service, thereby explaining its attributes in a more convincing tone. This makes the site content-rich and adds value to it. These sites are optimized for search engines as well as PPC campaigns. With all these, micro-sites provide a powerful opportunity to webmasters and increase the conversion rate.

Search Engine trends

Search Engine like Google demands quality. Quality content satisfies thousands and lakhs of hungry readers; micro-sites are dedicated to provide quality and informative content that is free of plagiarism and keyword stuffing. Micro-sites are the quick and easy way to produce results through quality content. This way these sites attract leads and help businesses convert them into opportunities, thereby achieving business goals.

Why are micro-sites better than corporate sites?

A corporate site is generally too big and covers several points at a time, which makes the readability difficult. The company web pages are loaded with vast content and information that isn’t to the point (sometimes even irrelevant points are stuffed in the content). This distracts readers from the website. On the contrary, micro-sites offered detailed and focused information that helps grabbing reader’s attention and keeping them engaged on your portal. The content on micro-sites is generally short and to the point. They are meant for enlightening readers and converting into loyal customers.

Micro-sites provide businesses with an opportunity to harness their attention more professionally, then applying unethical tricks to develop their interest. Increase your revenue with Micro-sites!

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Development and Marketing of iPhone Applications

Development and Marketing of iPhone Applications

The popularity of iPhone among all Smartphone devices is rising day by day. This is mainly due to its extraordinary features and ample benefits. In comparison with other Smartphone devices, the iPhone has the largest display, multi-touch functionality, stylish looks, amazing pre-loaded apps, and smooth touch.

How to Rule the SERP?

How to Rule the SERP?

Every online marketer strives for getting placed high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Many resorts on unethical means to get higher visibility and ranking, while some practice ethical SEO methods, get placed higher on SERP. What is the motive behind creating a website and optimizing it by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods? Obviously, to reach potential customers and increase business sales and output!

Developing an iPhone application: A start-up guide


If you have an idea for an iPhone application and want to convert it into a physical product, a little research and knowledge about latest technology is a must. An online tutorial for app development can be a good option to sharpen your development tricks. There are many books and audio-video tutorial available online, from which you can learn a lot about the latest developments in the field and how it will help you in creating unique apps that the market is yet to experience. However, don’t select any random iPhone application development guide. Make a list of reputed authors and buy books that start from scratch to advanced level.

Here are a few tips for proper and advantageous start of iPhone app development:

Market Research

  1. Decide your target audiences – The foremost factor before starting the development process is to know your target audience. If you aren’t focused to whom you will target your development, then the purpose will be wasted. There are millions of apps in the Apple App store, and of different categories. Decide your target audience and carve a special category for your app.
  1. Develop a product that your market is in need of – Target your potential using free Google keyword tool. Drive traffic on your app using relevant keywords. Target keyword patterns your market is looking at. If there is a huge demand for educational apps, make sure you create one that is unique from those already existing in the market.



Learn how to make apps:

You need to learn about coding techniques and also on how to use them to develop an effective app. It isn’t difficult to create your own app. If you do it for the first, take the help of a tutorial that provides guidance from start to end. Testing, debugging, re-engineering, etc. are explained in generally all tutorial guides.

Develop iPhone apps as per your convenience and increase your ROI.

Localizing SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization for small or mid-size companies can be challenging. Since, small businesses have to fight against big-fat companies, who due to their popularity, size, and consumer kinship enjoy larger traffic and higher search engine rankings.  Small business cannot afford to invest a huge sum in marketing, larger firms score over it. However, small businesses should devise more precise and refined marketing plans to achieve desired results against competitors.

When it comes to generic keyword SEO, it is always those big brands that dominate the search engine. A small budget makes it difficult for small organizations to compete with market titans. Despite these limitations, even a small company can enjoy higher ranking and huge website traffic. Focusing on areas of lower competition can help you achieve the desired result.

Geo-targeted search or location-based SEO is an option to get desired brand presence online. When geography or a particular location is taken into consideration, it is generally small businesses that rule the search engine. Attend customers with the need and demand for a specific product in a specific location to gain organic search visibility. The smaller the target audience and zone, higher are chances of greater search visibility. Having an offline presence in a particular location can be an added advantage for your business. Hundreds of satisfied customers are enough for both your online and offline publicity.

Geo-targeted Keyword Targeting: Ideal for small businesses

Anything targeted at a smaller group is highly effective. Similarly, you can strengthen your brand presence using Geo-targeted keywords. Geo-targeted keywords are generally low in competition and used when a consumer decides to make final purchase (after researching and comparing). Such keywords typically carry higher chances of conversion.

For instance: While inquiring about interior decorators you search for “top interior decorators in the U.S. However, when you finally decide to hire a decorator, you type “top interior decorators in Chicago.”  The interesting part here is, people make their final purchase using generic and Geo-targeted keywords. So, targeting these keywords can help you gain desired search engine result.

Additionally, building Geo-targeted content for your website is also a great way to market your service, thereby converting leads into opportunities. This may provide you an opportunity to enjoy top search engine ranking within limited budget.

Local Search:

Listing on local search engines is a great way to enjoy strong search engine presence within a limited budget. If you have a physical office, listing your business on local search engine is absolutely required, especially on popular ones like Google+, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, etc.

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